Our search methodology is designed to provide clients with exceptional service while optimizing time and resources.

We are flexible and adaptable when it comes to meeting unique client timing or reporting needs. At the same time, we believe that consistently applying sound processes and practices leads to excellent results. Here are the steps we take.

Phase 1
We work closely with the client to identify the responsibilities and competencies required for the position, specific strategic and operational goals and challenges, organization culture factors that will influence success in the role, and leadership style needs and expectations. Because we are in tune with the market and bring an industry-wide perspective, we are able to add real value in developing the position profile.

Phase 2
We develop and implement a search strategy which includes targeting primary and secondary sources in selected industries and organizations, and utilizes our extensive database of candidates and contacts. If appropriate, we use advertising on selected sites to make sure we are reaching the broadest possible audience. We ensure that our search management practices and communications with potential candidates meet the highest professional standards.

Phase 3
In addition to providing regular status updates, we present initial findings to our clients within 30 to 40 days of search commencement in a Long List Report which includes qualified candidate profiles and general search activity findings. Depending on the nature of the search, we may also present a Benchmark candidate prior to the Long List to refine the position requirements. Benchmarking is particularly effective when the position is brand new, has changed significantly, or when there is a history of underperforming in the role.

Phase 4
The Short List candidate phase includes in-depth analysis of each candidate: their experience, career goals, motivations, strengths and development areas and preferred leadership style, and how these correlate with the position requirements. Clients have an opportunity to learn about each individual through personal interviews, through candidates’ written responses to questions about their leadership strengths and the role requirements, and through JSG Group additional insights based on interviews and references.

Phase 5
A best practice in executive search is a follow-up process with the client and selected candidate to make sure there is a successful transition into the new role. The JSG Group adds additional value with an assessment process that adds an additional dimension and facilitates positive and productive communication between the selected candidate and hiring manager through the first critical months. We follow-up at 1, 3 and 6 month intervals and annually to provide continued support and coaching.

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