Bringing the ideal candidate together with the ideal organization opportunity is an important first step. Integrating the new hire into the organization quickly and seamlessly is the next critical requirement.

Studies have shown that up to 40% of new executives fail to meet expectations in the first 18 months – a very costly and preventable phenomenon.

JSG Group supports the integration process from the very outset of each search assignment through to the one year after-hire mark. Here’s how we do it.

  • We take time to understand the business and organization context and the priorities and expectations for the role.
  • We develop a profile of the competencies required to manage the priorities and meet expectations, including leadership and interpersonal style.
  • We test for these competencies through our interviewing and referencing.
  • We use an industry-leading assessment tool to correlate the required competencies with the finalist candidate’s profile. Information used in this correlation includes most effective operating style, leadership strengths, motivational needs, approach to problem-solving, interests, organization orientation, and behaviour under pressure.
  • We provide an assessment and coaching report for the client which shortens the learning curve in the new relationship and supports relationship-building.
  • We feed back the results of the assessment to the finalist candidate and highlight opportunities to leverage strengths or seek support where indicated.
  • We confirm position goals and expectations for the first year, and ensure that expectations for the new hire and the hiring manager are aligned.
  • We follow up with the selected candidate and hiring manager at one, three and six months and at the one year milestone to facilitate the communication process and possible realignment of expectations.
  • The JSG Group has additional capabilities with regard to coaching and development programs for leadership talent. Please contact us to learn more.

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